Friday, May 27, 2011

Ringo talks

I can't remember seeing anything like this, an extended interview with Ringo Starr. Cole Moreton of the Mail Online gets to perform the honors, kicking off with Ringo looking at a photo of his young Beatle self and saying, "We didn’t know what was ahead of us. You never do. We didn’t think it would last."

This one's a keeper.

"The career of Richard Starkey, born in 1940, would have been very different if the boy had listened to his family. Having made his first drum kit out of biscuit tins and bits of firewood at the age of 13, he faced a huge decision in the summer of 1960. ‘I was working in a factory, for Henry Hunt and Sons, a light engineering company. I was an apprentice engineer, which was very big news in our family. But I was also playing with Rory and The Hurricanes, and we got the offer of a three-month gig in Butlin’s at Skegness and Pwllheli, so we had to give up our jobs. All my uncles and aunties came over to try and tell me that drumming was OK as a hobby. I had to stand there and defend myself. I said, “No, I’m a drummer, I’m off.” That’s a Sliding Doors moment. Some decisions are good.’ "

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