Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Placido Domingo

Not that long ago, Domingo was one of the popular Three Tenors, along with Pavarotti and Carreras. But he started out as a baritone, and it took him years of work to get to those high notes. Now 70, he reigns as one of the greats of world music. In an interview with Richard Ouzounian of The Star, the maestro is especially warm in discussing his youth.

“ 'My life back then was like most other boys. I was very sports conscious. Football. A lot of football. I was born in Spain and moved to Mexico, but I cheered for Spain. Always. To this day.' His radiant smile breaks out as he remembers those days of infinite youthful possibility. 'I worked for anyone who needed me. I played the piano in nightclubs, I sang in the chorus, I played bells in the orchestra, I put the music on the stands. I did anything they asked me to. Anything.' ”

Learn more about the legendary singer in Placido Domingo: “The song is not yet finished.”

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