Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disney days

Unofficial Disney days, that is. There are plenty of scheduled events at Disneyland and Walt Disney World; for instance, Star Wars Weekends have been going on in Orlando for quite some time now. The fun begins when you are met at the gates of Disney's Hollywood Studios by an army of those white storm troopers. But there are those out there who feel slighted by the official galas, and who have come up with some galas of their own, like Harry Potter Day (wear your taped eyeglasses) or Bats Day (for Goth fans). I sort of get a kick out of Dapper Day. As Rob Lammie explains on Mental Floss, "When the 'Imagineers' were planning Disneyland in the 1950s, the concept artists always envisioned families at the park dressed in their Sunday best – men wore suits, women wore skirts, and kids were seen running to the next attraction in dress shoes. The idea was that Disneyland was high-class entertainment; like a night at the theater, you wouldn’t wear just anything to a day at Disneyland... In an effort to bring back the original vision of the artists, designer Justin Jorgensen created Dapper Day, which asked that guests come to Disneyland dressed in mid-20th Century semi-formal attire. Considering 2011 was the first year, a small but respectable group of about 30 people dressed for the occasion. They looked like extras in Mad Men."

Read about all the jolly holidays at 8 Unofficial Special Event Days at Disney.

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