Monday, May 9, 2011

The Art of Racing in the Rain for kids

Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain has been a publishing phenomenon since day one. If you haven't read it, do so. The odds are that you will love it. If you're a dog person, I guarantee that you will love it: it is narrated by a wonderful dog named Enzo. Like most books for adults, though, it has language and situations in it not suitable for kids, although the content is otherwise very kid friendly. Now Stein has brought out a version of the book for junior readers ages 9-12, which is a great idea. And he encourages families to read it together, and to talk about it:

"I think it's important, when discussing a book, that we recognize every opinion is relevant. We all read a book differently, though our own values, experiences, and thoughts, and so we all identify with different parts of a book. With kids, especially, we have to understand that they may not have the same life experiences as an adult, so they will see different things. But most of all, when discussing a book with your family, be sure to follow Enzo's advice and LISTEN!"

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Eesti said...

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